Meditation and the Art of Happiness




5445 Telegraph Rd. Suite 117 St. Louis, MO 63129

After three years of seclusion developing a meditation practice, Kendra and

Ben are utterly convinced that there is no reason to be mystified or confused

by the practice of deep meditation. Joy is at the heart of the technique. Joy is

the main result. Each day we’ll start by preparing the body for meditation

through an asana practice in which we start to steer the mind in the direction

of concentration. Then we’ll sit down together and discuss traditional advices

on meditation from the yoga sutras as well as personal tips and tweaks we’d

like to offer from our own experience in deep retreat. We’ll explore many

simple and pragmatic tools that will kick your meditation into high gear and

talk about how the tools of meditation quickly become techniques to allow us

a deeper experience of giving and receiving happiness in our daily lives.